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Terms and Conditions – The Accounting College Pty. Ltd. (ABN 90 003 815 610)
Trademark Acknowledgement
MYOB® is a registered trademark of MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.

Below are terms and conditions of The Accounting College Pty Ltd (referred to as the college) which are applicable to course enrolments.

Please note no further enrolments are being accepted due to the pending retirement of the college principal.

MYOB Courses
1. Course Content
The course content for each course or combined package of courses is detailed on the college course content page of this website. Students must stay within the course content.

2. Course Enrolment
The college courses are for the enrolled student only and the college provides advice and training to that student.  All courses are provided using a general format and students must at all times stay within the course criteria and workbook instructions and not deviate from this. Students who intend using the course material in a working environment are responsible must first check that the procedures are relevant to that situation.

Should the student discover any omissions, errors or discepancies within a workbook, or a problem with the software provided, then the student must advise the college immediately (within seven days) and the college management will rectify any omissions, errors, discrepancies or problems that may have occurred. The college staff will not fail the student during the training timeframe but provide extra work if it considers this is necessary. The college courses are for the training in the use of the MYOB software and associated accounting procedures only and for no other purpose or outcome. It is the responsibility of a student from overseas to inform the college by email, prior to enrolling, if he/she cannot undertake the courses due to any visa study restrictions. The serial number issued for download of the student software must not be provided by the student to any other person. The online courses refers to email attachments of workbooks and return assignments. The student software link is delivered online via email to the student.

3. Timeframe
The timeframe for completion of all courses or  combined course packages is a total of six months from the enrolment date. An extension limited to one month is allowed if the request for an extension is done prior to the expiry date of enrolment. Once the timeframe for completion of courses expires, or the student has completed the course, the college management and/or staff have no further obligation in relation to the student’s training. The college management have no obligation to provide a certificate if the course or courses have not been completed within the designated timeframe.

4. Course Pricing
The college reserves the right to alter course pricing on its courses and offer combined package discounted course prices and conduct regular discount promotions on combined course packages as decided by the college management based on student intake and market conditions. The special promotions pricing level may change as decided by management after the expiry date.

5. MYOB Business Activity Statement (BAS) Training Course
The Business Activity Statement (BAS) training course is for general purposes only in relation to preparing BAS transactions using the MYOB accounting software. The sample transactions are processed into simulated case study companies using the MYOB student edition software. The BAS course offered is not for registration as a BAS Agent or for any BAS Agent purpose.

6. Refund Policy
All college courses are considered sold at the time payment is received and the course material emailed. No refunds are provided after emailing the course material and MYOB student software (if an MYOB course/s is booked) as the student will have gained access to all course material and therefore benefited by having the opportunity to review all course information, procedures and workbooks owned by the Accounting College Pty Ltd. Should an issue arise in relation to the workbooks or MYOB student edition CD software, after they have been received by the student, then the student must advise in writing detailing the matter within seven days of receipt of the workbooks and/or MYOB student edition software. If a student. If a student has entered into a payment plan to complete a college course or courses then all payments are required in full until the total payment plan has been reached. No refunds are provided on any payment plan amounts.

7. Liability Limitation
All college courses are written in a general sense as variations in bookkeeping and associated functions can vary significantly from one business to the next and also vary after the publishing date of any workbook or associated material. The obligation of the college to the student’s training ceases on the date a certificate is issued in relation to any course, courses or program. Student’s and ex-student’s of the college are responsible for checking that any bookkeeping procedure or associated function, to be applied within a business, company or organisation,to ensure it suits that business structure and is legally relevant and current and has been approved by the management of that business structure before proceeding to implement the procedure or associated function.

The Accounting College Pty Ltd has a training responsibility to the enrolled student only and no other person, association, business or company. The Accounting College Pty Ltd reserves the right to add, delete or change courses at any time as decided by the management of the college or vary these terms and conditions. The enrolled student or ex student is the only person permitted to access the college workbooks and all associated training material.

8. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Courses are offered to students within Australia and students located overseas (except USA and Canada). In the event of enforcement of any condition or a dispute arising in relation to any of the abovementioned terms and conditions or other matter then the Accounting College Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to have such matters dealt with in the jurisdiction limits of Australia, and not in any other country or territory, and such matters will be confined to relevant Australian Laws.

All areas and information mentioned on the college website pages, workbooks and associated course material form part of these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions mentioned in all areas 1 to 8 above and also including this paragraph are considered accepted by the student once the student has made payment for the course or courses and the course materialhas been delivered by email to the student.

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